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Farrier Services at Your Stable

Farriery is both a science and an art


       I am available to provide different services. I care about your horse's feet; whether that is to try and improve their performance, and to keep healthy. The therapeutic farriery is also a competence - if we work as a team, along with the vet and the owner, good results can be achieved. Communication is key.


     I shoe a variety of performance horses, from thoroughbred, trotter, field hunters and jumpers, to dressage, eventers and pleasure horses.


        Physiological trimming depends on the hoof, balance, age, activity and the environment.

A clever shoeing is not just a nail in a shoe, improving the comfort and locomotion of the horse is the goal. We need to remember any support will change the horse's biomechanics. After careful observation and gait assessment, my aim is to improve performance, fix injuries and to maintain healthy locomotor apparatus.Clever shoeing is a holistic approach used to provide the best care for horses.The type of shoe depends on the activity, where it's walking, the conformation and the horn quality. The shoe can be fixed with nails or glue, and can be made from aluminium, iron or synthetic material.


        If you need any courses, you can contact me and I can arrange something in relation to your enquiry. With 22 years experience, I can certainly be of help.




Farrier Service Expectations


What you should expect from a Farrier


- Excellent craftsmanship with practical knowledge
- Professional, prompt and timely service

- Advice on care and management of foot care
- Kind and humane treatment
- Regularly scheduled and kept appointments

What a Farrier will expect from you

- A safe, dry clean work space with good lighting

- Electrical outlets and access to water

- Protection from rain, wind and bad weather, a fan in the summer is much appreciated

- Owners often ask the Farrier to catch, tie up and release the horse before or after trimming and shoeing. I am not required to do so. 

Clean, dry horses with fly spray are a must. Horses unable to stand appropriately must have a handler present and/or be sedated by a qualified veterinarian. 

Payment Policy

Payment must be arranged on the day the service is provided. No services will be rendered without payment.

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