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About Bertrand Sonneville

After being a rider for many years, Bertrand started in the Farriery world as an apprentice near Paris. In 2002, he went travelling to improve his knowledge as a member of the Compagnons du Devoir. In his travels across the world (including Europe, South America and India) he continued to attend different seminars and gave some classes. In 2006, he received a certificate from the Compagnons and he opened a business near Nantes.


In 9 years as the business grew, different young Farriers worked with Bertrand to gain experience. MS Marechalerie was a great, friendly business, working with race studs (trotter and thoroughbred), showjumping, eventers and riding schools - They followed Minos de Petra to the last World Games in Normandy. At the same time, Bertrand helped to improve the knowledge of young Farriers by giving free time for the Compagnon du Devoir.


After a trip to Australia, Bertrand and his family decided to come over and start a new life. Bertrand worked at Warwick Farm in the race industry since december 2014. Today he is in Wauchope and member of the Master Farrier Association in NSW. 





 After receiving an Advanced Technician's Certificate as an Electrician in 2000, Bertrand passed his vocational training qualification in Farriery in 2002. In 2006, he was recognised as a Farrier by the French organisation of craftsmen 'Compagnon du Devoir du Tour de France'.


He graduated Kinetherapeutic Equine shoeing with an International Course Certificate in Normandy, France.


Certificate IV in Training and Assessment  in 2015



            Continuing professional               development
    Farriers are expected to continue their professional education by keeping up to date with the general developments in farriery.This is achieved by reading evidence based articles and doing case studies and attending conferences in Europe or study trips. Last year he was in Victoria to understand the Natural trimmer in conference. In 2015 he participed at a conference in Richmond College about hoof proportion.



               Articles and Lectures






  • Author of article “Farriery meeting in Saumur” in Journal des Compagnons du devoir September  2006


  • Co Author of  “Anatomy fibrous tissues of the horse finger”, book for farriery students with anatomical diagrams in late 2002.


  • Lectures in Normandy

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