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My training and trips around the world have given me the ability to care for the horse's hoof and understand that a Farrier alone can't do everything, the horse needs a team including the Vet, rider and the owner.


I believe that the ideal Farriery is one that makes the horse feel good, improve it's performance and to contribute to good, longer and healthy biomechanics - the Farrier needs to have a good understanding of this to try and do his best for the hoof.


I strive to do the best work I can on the hoof, including physiological trimming and being able to tell if the horse needs anything from a traditional shoeing or shoeing with a new product. I believe a good trimming and a good shoeing is the best solution for a lot of horses.


A simple but intelligent Farriery

Introducing a Professional Farrier in Port Macquarie area
About me
farrier sonneville wauchope
Farriery Services
exemple of shoe for pathology or to improve the confort by Bertarnd Professional farrier in Port Macquarie area
Observation around horse by Bertrand and young farrier in NSW
  • Vocational training qualification in farriery, Paris 2002


      Recognised as a farrier by the french organisation of craftsmen, Paris 2006



  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Australia 2015

  • Member of Master Farriers Association, NSW since 2016

Contact : 

Wauchope NSW 2446


Tel: 0450435624

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